The Door 2 Door Librarian

The Door 2 Door Librarian

Providing Door 2 Door Storytime as well as other programs and services. Opinions. Projects. All things LIS.

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  1. Monthly Children’s Programs (Toddlers & Preschoolers):

 2. Monthly Afterschool Programs (School Age):

  • Christmas Around the Globe
  • Lunar New Year: China
  • Mardi Gras (coming soon)
  • Bookworm Party (coming soon)
  • Earth Day/The Lorax (coming soon)
  • Around the World: Hawai’i (coming soon)
  • Super Hero Party (coming soon)
  • Zombies (coming soon)
  • Around the World: Russia (coming soon)
  • Christmas Cookies (coming soon)

 3. Other Library Programs:

 4. Summer Reading Programs:

  • Fizz, Boom, Read! 2014 (coming soon)