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Facebook Graphics: Build it at the Library & Read

October 26, 2014

Facebook Build it at the Library & Read Graphic

Next month Idaho will celebrate Family Read Week (November 16th–22nd). This year’s theme is Building a Community of Readers. Given the theme, I am planning a “Build it at the Library and Read” program featuring guest celebrity, Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder will read stories, and meet and greet children and their families. This is the Microsoft PPT graphic I put together to market the event.

Facebook Graphics: Zombies

October 25, 2014

Facebook Monthly Afterschool Program_Zombies Logo

Again, another graphic I created for the library’s Facebook account in order to promote a program. As with all of the graphics, this one was created using Microsoft Power Point. These simple and colorful infographics are generating a lot of added attention, and “views.”

Facebook Graphics: BB Lunch Series 1

October 25, 2014

Facebook Brown Bag Lunch Series Graphic 1

Adult programming attendance has been low due to a number of factors, so my library is implementing a monthly Brown Bag Lunch Series. This is the graphic I came up with to promote the event on Facebook. Upcoming programs in the series will feature this logo. Slight modifications will be made to illustrate the unique nature of the event. In other words, a “bigfoot” graphic will be swapped for another depending on the topic.

Storytime: Teeth

October 25, 2014




Pony Brushes His Teeth by Michael Dahl
Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth
by Lucy Cousins
No Biting, Louise by Margie Palatini
Little Chipmunk’s Wiggly, Wobbly Tooth
by Mary Packard
Brush, Floss, Rinse
by Amanda Doering Tourville
Whose Teeth are These?
by Wayne Lynch
The Lost Tooth Club
by Arden Johnson
Tooth Fairy
by Audrey Wood
Augustus and His Smile
by Catherine Rayner
Open Wide: Tooth School Inside
by Laurie Keller
How Many Teeth?
by Paul Showers
Nice Try, Tooth Fairy
by Mary W. Olson
Arthur’s Tooth
by Marc Brown


  1. Intro
  2. Hello Song
  3. Action Rhyme
  4. Read-a-Loud Book
  5. Flannelboard
  6. Action Rhyme
  7. Read-a-Loud Book
  8. Rhyme
  9. Action Rhyme
  10. Read-a-Loud Book
  11. ASL Goodbye Song
  12. Craft


Teeth Storytime Books

Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson
Clarabella’s Teeth
by An Vrombaut
Teeth Are Not for Biting
by Elizabeth Verdick


Action Rhyme: Dance Your Fingers (via Kings County Library System)
Dance your fingers up
Dance your fingers down
Dance your finger to the side
Dance your fingers all around
Dance your fingers on your tummy
Dance your finger on your head
Dance your fingers on your shoulders
Now put them all to bed

Flannelboard: Five Little Teeth (via What Happens in Storytime)
There were five little teeth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and one popped out
Now there are…one, two, three, four.
There were four little teeth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and one popped out
Now there are…one, two, three.
There were three little teeth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and one popped out
Now there are…one, two.
There were two little teeth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and one popped out
Now there is…one.
There was one little tooth in my teeny tiny mouth
I pulled and I twisted and it popped out
Now there are…no little teeth.

Action Rhyme: Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth (tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them every day
Brush them this way
Brush them that way
Brush them and they’ll stay

Rhyme: Bright Red Toothbrush (via Miss Meg Storytime)
I have a bright red toothbrush
I use it every day
It cleans all my teeth
So I fight decay
First I brush one side
Then I brush the next
and when I brush the front, I brush all that’s left

Action Rhyme: Boys and Girls, Boys and Girls (via Kings County Library System)
Boys and girls, turn around
Boys and girls, touch the ground
Boys and girls, reach up high
Boys and girls, blink your eyes
Boys and girls, touch your nose
Boys and girls, wiggle your toes
Boys and girls, slap your knees
Boys and girls, sit down please

CRAFT: Wacky Tooth and Brush!

Teeth Storytime Craft

I opted for something cute and easy for this week’s storytime craft. In order to create the tooth, I generated a quick tooth-shaped template and had a volunteer use it to trace and cut out dozens of copies. Instead of using googly eyes I located clip art eyes online. I used jumbo sized colored popsicle sticks for the base of the toothbrush and thick white cardstock for the bristles.


Storytime went fairly well. The books were big hits during all two of the three storytime sessions. Unfortunately, some of my youngest attendees had trouble focusing during Thursday morning’s reading of Bear’s Loose Tooth so I had to improvise and ad-lib a LOT of animal noises to redirect their attention. The extension activities were hit and miss in so far as my munchkins gave me their attention, but didn’t feel engaged enough to participate in the motions of the tooth related activities. My parents loved the craft, and the children got a kick out of “brushing” their giant tooth.


. . . May 29-30, 2014 . . .

Food, Fit & Fun in the Park

July 20, 2014

My library conducts an annual summer reading program series in a local park entitled: Food, Fit & Fun in the Park, in collaboration with our regional medical center, community college, university extension 4-H program, and USDA summer food program/school district. Every Thursday morning, for a period of six weeks, my community partners and I set up 5 activity stations (1 of which was always a storytime station) in our local park. Each week was based on a sub-theme of the CSLP  Fizz, Boom, Read! summer reading program. The 2014, weekly sub-themes were:

  • Week 1—Fizz, Boom, Pop!
  • Week 2—The Body Walk
  • Week 3—Techno Fun
  • Week 4—R U Curious?
  • Week 5—Arts & Science
  • Week 6—It’s Alive!

Each Thursday, 200-250 attendees break up into groups and pick a station. Groups rotate to the next station every 8 minutes, for 40 minutes, at which point they get in line for a sack lunch provided via the USDA summer food program and the local school district.

This is one of the Facebook promotional graphics I generated to advertise the event.

Food, Fit & Fun in the Park


Here are some photos I was able to take from the last event, “It’s Alive!”

We made Frankenstein Masks…

Frankenstein Masks

…discussed goats….


….and rabbits…


…read It’s a Tiger by David LaRochelle


…and talked about germs and created silly snot out of glue, Tide liquid detergent and food coloring.

Silly Snot

Pancake & Pajama Storytime

July 20, 2014

Pancakes & Pajama Storytime

Attendance at our weekly Thursday night storytime sessions has been disappointingly low. I’m sure part of the issue is the fact our 6 p.m. time slot conflicts with many families’ dinner schedules. So, I decided to incorporate food into our storytime programming and get a bit gimmicky in order to attract non-library users, and a larger audience. This gave rise to “Pancake & Pajama Storytime” sessions held on the third Thursday night of every month. I conducted two such events prior to taking a break for our summer programming schedule, and they were HUGE hits! Attendance jumped from an average of 3 parents & children to 21 parents & children—many of whom wore pajamas. As predicted, I’ve had a lot of new faces in the crowd on the third Thursday night of the month.

Pancake & Pajama Storytime sessions follow the same thematic outline as Thursday and Friday morning storytimes, with one exception. Pancakes are provided in lieu of craft. The first Pancake & Pajama Storytime session was a bit chaotic. My co-worker and intern did not start making pancakes until 6:15 p.m. (based on my poor timeline), so we had difficulty keeping up with demand. The second time around, they began frying up pancakes at exactly 6:00 p.m. So we had a couple of nice stacks ready to serve by the time storytime concluded. Based on the advice of our Youth Librarian, I set up two supply tables containing knives, forks, napkins, babywipes and syrup in disposable containers. Then, we had everyone line up to receive their pancakes in an orderly fashion. Most children ate 2 or 3 (4-inch diameter) pancakes. Although, we had a couple of older children who ate more. We also had a couple of children and tweens wander in from elsewhere in the building and ask for pancakes, so we fed them as well.

Overall, Pancake & Pajama Storytime has been a success and I look forward to continuing this program when we resume our typical programming in September. I definitely recommend implementing this program in other libraries (make sure you have help!).  I’ll be on the lookout for other gimmicks to increase attendance on the second and fourth Thursday nights of the month. Wish me luck!