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My name is Roxanne, and I graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with an MLISc in 2011.

I’ve spent the last 16 months working as a Community Librarian for a public library system in Central Oregon. I’m responsible for offering programs and services geared towards children, teens and adults in two communities. Outreach is a huge component of my job responsibilities…which ties in nicely with my personal philosophy of library science and this blog.

I used to work as a Children’s Librarian for a small, rural city library in southwest Idaho. Before that, I had a myriad of positions working as a library assistant and library volunteer.

Like many librarians of my generation, I was unemployed, then underemployed, but always desperate. Like a lot of newly minted librarians, I found myself contemplating what to do when faced with an over saturated job market, a handful of rejection letters, and a set of degrees that were quickly beginning to gather dust. My situation was further complicated after my mother was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer (stage 4) shortly after I graduated. After a some thought, and a lot of tears, I decided to make the most of unfortunate circumstances. Given my mother’s health, and the over-saturated job market, I decided to seek out local opportunities to gain field experience working as a volunteer librarian. This allowed me to gain essential field experience while enabling me to make the most of those last two years with my mother.

She, a retired librarian, understood more than most…the sort of obstacles I was facing. In a moment of passive aggressive inspiration, I told her I was going to create my own post-graduate, professional development opportunities after receiving two rejection letters in one day.

Following the example set by the WPA Packhorse Librarians, I  decided to become a Door 2 Door Librarian.I’d heard of Austin Public Library system’s Storytime Connection program, and I knew my hometown, underfunded county library system lacked the staff and resources to conduct community outreach and reach the hundreds of children unable to attend traditional library storytime sessions.

I operated as a traveling librarian for two years, during which time I conducted Door 2 Door Storytime programs at the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and participating libraries.  Each storytime session was designed to highlight and promote the acquisition of one or more of the six early literacy skills using the methodology set forth by the Every Child Ready to Ready @ Your Library movement.

Volunteering at my local Boys & Girls Club provided invaluable teen services experience. Once a week, I planned, prepared and lead tween/teen friendly crafter-noon events.

Fortunately, my perseverance and volunteerism paid off: I was offered a part-time position as a Children’s Librarian, and that job lead to my current, full-time position.


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Hi Roxanne! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations and thank you for your creative ideas!

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August 14, 2013