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Children’s Program: DIY Musical Instruments

February 14, 2016

This was another successful, Saturday morning children’s program I conducted while employed as a Children’s Librarian for a small, city library in rural Idaho.

Prepping the program was super simple, and the munchkins had a loud and noisy blast putting together their DIY tambourines. This is a great project for kids as it promotes phonological awareness and the development of fine motor skills, and I made sure to discuss these two benefits with accompanying adults.

I set up the tables as “maker stations” with all the necessary accouterments…

  • super-duper durable paper plates
  • hole punch
  • yarn
  • fabric & plastic ribbon
  • chenille stems
  • wooden beads
  • plastic beads
  • bells
  • stickers
  • foam shapes
  • crayons
  • markers

…but gave limited instructions so as not to unduly influence the children’s creative process. The only issue arose over adults “hoarding” supplies and taking more than their fare share of beads and bells for their little one, without taking into account the number of children present (people continually surprise me!). I didn’t even bother to get into it with those attendees. Instead, I opted to grab surplus supplies from the basement (We had a 5 gallon bucket of beads donated prior to my employment that the old Children’s Librarian hadn’t been able to get rid of).

Here are some photos:



Monthly Children’s Program.








Monthly Children’s Program.