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Flannelboard: Into the Woods

February 4, 2016

Into the Woods Flannelboard

These are the three felt animals I created to flesh out the flannelboard collection that already existed at my library. I combined the two sets in order to say the Into the Woods flannelboard rhyme during a series of Raccoon themed storytime sessions.

Flannelboard Rhyme: Into the Woods (via Abby the Librarian)
In the woods, there is a lot to see.
A small, gray squirrel lives in an old oak tree.
The spotted deer come out to play
Where furry fox likes to stay.
The soft little rabbits lounge and laze
While the sleepy owl flies through the haze.
The masked raccoon loves to eat.
The tiny chipmunks are so sweet.
Black and white skunks walk in a line.
A green snake slithers along a vine.
A big black bear walks out of his cave
And all of the animals were not brave,